Information for Interns

Why should Interns sign-up?

  • Internships are an excellent way to learn about an industry of interest while also acquiring some of the necessary skills and tools for success in that industry.
  • Internships can satisfy certain college program requirements and possibly allow the student to earn college credit, enriching the college experience and preparing for entrance into the workforce.
  • Internships are a great way of building a relationship with an employer in an industry of interest. This relationship can open doors to future positions and networking opportunities that can strengthen one’s career.
  • Interns participating in an internship are typically more engaged in their learning and develop a better work ethic, as well as more skills and abilities. These interns later become more dedicated employees and involved community members.
  • By providing experiential learning while still in school, internships can give students real-life experience in their potential future choice of career.

What to expect during your internship

Your Internship Should Educate You

You are expected to learn much about your field during your internship.  It is the first chance to see how your classroom training applies to the real world.  Be sure to keep an open-mind and learn about career options in your field that you probably never heard of before.  An internship doesn’t have to be the end-all of your career.  The point of an internship is to test the waters and to make sure that your chosen field is right for you.  Some interns have made switches to similar fields.  Others have even realized that their field wasn’t for them at all.

Expect To Make Contacts

Make sure that you develop relationships with as many people as possible.  It’s always good to network and an internship can provide you with excellent sources for a successful career.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you don’t feel you are getting enough real responsibility at your internship, don’t be afraid to ask for a more demanding task.  Remember to be respectful and don’t overstep your boundaries within the company.  Internships are meant to enhance your skills so you have a right to expand your knowledge base.

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